The av-1

Our New AV-1 is now designed to use the standard OEM top, roof supports and bag holders that are standard with your cart. We also added storage compartments compared to the 2 compartments in the old style A-1 and this cart has two side running boards. This body kit is designed to fit the Club Car,(DS), E-Z-GO (TXT) or Yamaha chassis (G19/22). (You must specify the chassis you will be mounting the kit on to.) This kit also includes stainless steel hardware (nuts, bolts and washers) for exterior mounting.
The cowls come with full automotive type wiring with switches, flashers, combination switch, and provision for two hot wires for a music system and cigarette lighter. The whole circuit is controlled with 6 individual fuses set in a single automotive fuse box. A twin set of wind tone horns are included!
All body parts do not come painted but are premiered and ready for paint.
The front cowl provides a storage box under the hood which is electrically operated by a switch that is located in the lockable glove box on the dash. All switches have aluminum labels, including the forward reverse switch below the seat.
Lighting for the front cowl is provided by two 55 watt halogen lamps. This complete kit also comes with direction indicators. The horns are controlled by a single stalk automotive combination switch which is wired into the loom with the help of an 8-pin connector. The rear body has two cluster type tail lights with running lights, brake lights, and directional indicator lights. Additional wires are provided to connect the brake switch and to power up your electrical system. 
Plush, fully upholstered seats in Art Leather are provided with a bench type seat and two individual back rests. A 8-piece, rich plush woolen carpet set (with special rubber back) for weather protection is also included.

Our new AV-1 has been designed to use the popular OEM top, bag holders and roof Supports that is standard with your cart.
A 6-piece, rich plush woolen carpet set (with special rubber back) for weather protection is also included.
THE VERY BEST PART: Prior to your receiving your kit, all body parts (and all items), have been pre-drilled and pre-fitted at the factory. To assemble all you have to do is to take off the original body pieces and bolt on our kit!

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