Custom Golf Cart Cowls


X-Tra Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd. has been providing golf cart front and rear cowls to the Golf Cart Industry for over ten years now. These body parts have been, and are being sold to some of the leading providers of golf carts and NEVS in the U.S today.
In March of 2002, X-Tra Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd. made the decision to move from being not only just a composite provider of body parts to the industry, but to providing complete NEV bodies. At that time, X-Tra Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd. was a 38-year-old established FRP manufacturing facility in Bangalore, India. This well established Indian plant has been producing FRP parts to prestigious companies all over the World. Some of which include: Artic India, Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Indian Institute of Science, Orient Paper Mills Ltd., General Motors and Tata Motors.
Ten years later, in May 2012, a joint decision has been made to market part of our product line directly to the NEV industry. The decision to do so was simple: To provide the dealerships with a complete NEV body at a cost that would represent more than 50% savings! We are able to do this only because we have eliminated a couple of the middlemen that are normally present in most distribution systems.
When you buy directly from X-Tra Reinforced Plastics Pvt. Ltd., you are buying directly from the manufacturing source and you are eliminating those distribution middlemen. There is absolutely no one, any place in the world that can give you the product quality that X-Tra Reinforced Plastics Pvt Ltd can provide you, and for the price. Absolutely no one!

Are You Interested?

Looking to have some of your FRP parts made overseas where the labor factor is less and the quality of workmanship is as good or better, than what you are buying now? All of our FRP products are hand laid fiberglass and we do not use chop guns or other short cut methods at any point in our production.
We can mold the exact product you have now, make changes to it if needed, or make molds to suit your needs. We have in-house consulting and in-house design people that are capable of helping you with any design you may need. While our main focus and expertise these past 20 plus years have been in the automotive and aeronautical industry in designing and building parts for them, our capabilities are limitless!
Presently we are shipping a container into the U.S. every three weeks, but expect to change to a container every two weeks by early next year. We can easily include your requirements in one of those shipments. (Or ship you your own container if your volume warrants).
We also do some metal fabricating and we may also be your best source for those items also. We have a complete machine and fabrication shop and also do chroming and powder coating.
Bottom line about us: We are good metal fabricators and may be able to save you some dollars in this department. But our real expertise is FRP. As we know it, there is absolutely no one in the World that can provide you with the quality of product that we can, and also at a most competitive price! (At probably the lowest price you have ever been quoted.)
Take a minute to email us with your needs. We will have someone get back in touch with you normally within 24 hours.