the J-1

The J-1 offers an opening hood that provides for storage underneath. These hoods have rubber gaskets that form a water tight seal to protect your stored items. These front cowls designed to fit the Club Car (Precedent), or Yamaha (YDR Drive) chassis. (You must specify the chassis you will be mounting the cowl onto).

It is a cowl that offers both a high end and sporty look. Talk to us and we could suggest a suitable rear for this cowl, many of our customers simply buy a front cowl and use the rear cowl that is presently on their cart. These front cowls do not come painted but are primed and ready for paint. All cowls come with head lights, front marker lights.

All wired in an automotive type wiring loom, self balancing automotive styled hinges, and an electric push button hood release that can be fitted within easy reach of the driver is all part of the kit.

These cowls install in less than 2 hours, including removing of the old front cowl. All front cowls have been pre-drilled and pre-fitted to the chassis for which it is intended at our factory. A special booklet-type instruction manual that is complete with photos, guides even the first time builder through all the stages of assembly.

A complete hardware kit is included and ensures that no other fasteners or hardware is required. (To top it off, a set of tools are provided.)

NB: (a special kit comprising of a horn, flasher for the direction indicators and steering mounted combination switch is available. The combination switch controls head light, direction indicators and the horn. )

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