The ms-1

Because of a high interest in the Club Car (Precedent), or Yamaha  Drive (YDR) Chassis,   we have expanded our line of cowls with a series of cowls that we call the M-1 Series. The three front cowls all have a similarity to each other in styling, but each are uniquely different than the other. Adding to the dealer's choice of carts and styles that they can offer there customers, is are MS-1 rear cowl.
Lighting for the front cowls is provided by two four automotive type head light with with twin filament bulbs so as to provide a high and low beam. All of are front and rear cowls also comes with directional indicators. Our rear cowl has two cluster type tail lights with running light, brake light, and directional indicators lights.
Additional wires  are provided to connect the brake switch and to power up your electrical system. All of our cowl come with full automotive type wiring with switches. None of our cowls are painted but are primed and ready for the paint shop.
MS-2 rear cowl: This rear cowl gives the dealer the opportunity to give those who want the ability to go from a 2 place golf cart to a 4 place seating vehicle. And with the change taking less then two minutes. This rear cowl has a tail-gate that folds down to allow a place for the rear passengers feet when a 4 place cart is need.
this cowl has beautiful lines that allows the owner to have a golf cart part of the time and on occasion, a 4. place cart when needed. Plush fully upholstered seats in Camel Art Leather are provided for front and rear seats. The unique thing about this cowl is that it will easily match up to any of our 3 MS-1 cowls above, or either of our 2 P-1 cowls, or even the front standard cowl from Club Car.
 A special booklet type of instruction manual includes photos to help the first-time builder thought all stages of assembly, Also, mounting brackets are provided where needed  and all fasteners and hard ]ware are included with our cowls. The very best part could be this: Prior to receiving your kit, All body part have been drilled and pre-fitted  at our factory and on a Precedent chassis. All you have to do is  to take off your present Precedent cowls and bolt on our kit!
Our cowls drop in place and bolt down faster than even the original OEM cowls do!



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