With the ever growing need for weather protection ​in golf carts , seeing the available fabric enclosures ​and continuous request for a sturdy and long lasting and durable enclosure our team set upon the project to bring to you a steady and durable Full enclosure after doing an intense study of the needs ​&​ what was currently available in the market . ​With our expertise in design,​ ​in the automotive field, and experience in the cart industry our team studied the need​, & have come up with an easily to assemble kit that fits on to the existing cart,​ ​there is no cutting fabrication or welding​ just a few drilling & every thing screws in place​. The fibre glass moulded valances attach on to the various sections of the existing cart affording the much needed rigidity ​to the golf cart. Heavy duty especially designed sliding aluminium channels mounted rigidly in custom moulded fibreglass transition mouldings added on the roof and the bottom replaces the kick board,​ &​ allow the heavy duty aluminium frames & sliding doors on each side,to slide on 4 double wheel assemblies, each assembly has two nylon wheels with totally encapsulated ball bearings to give you an effortless , smooth and trouble free operation. Large tinted acrylic glazing gives full unobstructed 360 degrees visibility Even the section between the seat and the sweater basket has a fibreglass panel to ensure closure ​of the cab. ​Above the seat back rest, is a roll up curtain to ensure communication if the cart is a 4 seater. ​An ​air dam is provided​ ​above ​your cart wind-shield​.​​an ​The cab has been designed such that fresh air vents ​in & the stale air is exhausted from the cab.

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