The X-4000 is a two piece fiberglass golf cart body kit that is designed to fit the, EZ-GO (TXT) chassis. This cart is designed to be a two 2 person cart
This body comes with a fully automotive type wiring harness with switches, flashers, combination switch, and provisions for two hot wires for a music system and cigarette lighter.
The front cowl houses a storage box under the hood which is electrically operated by a switch on the dash. All switches have aluminium labels.
Lighting for the front cowl is provided by two dual filament lamps and has directional indicators and horn. The horns, lights, and indicators, are all controlled by a single stalk automotive type combination switch which is wired into the wiring harness
The rear body has dual cluster type tail lights with running lights, brake lights, and directional indicator lights. Additional wires are provided to connect the brake switch and to power up your electrical system. PLEASE NOTE ALL IS WIRED FOR 12 VOLTS.
Plush, fully upholstered rally Type sports seats are provided. Vinyl mats are provided all round.
 A set of black powder coated steel frames, stainless steel hardware (nuts, bolts and washers) for exterior mounting,
The X-4000 requires less than 8 hrs to have up and going. That includes the time for removing the old body, assembling the new body, mounting the body and adjusting all its features to meet your needs.
A special booklet-type instruction manual that is complete with photos, guides even the first time builder through all the stages of assembly.

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